Hidden Monk by Ellice Mol

15 June 2018

This work was hidden behind a power outlet in the old Danks St galleries, in Waterloo, Sydney. Unfortunately the work was lost when the galleries were demolished.

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Mammoths by Ellice Mol

11 March 2018

Woolly mammoths were drawn as part of a community campaign opposed to the construction of a Woolworths supermarket in Annandale, Sydney.

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Fry Brother's Orchard by Ellice Mol

11 January 2018

This is the story of the Fry Bros Orchard at Bathurst. The saga began during the great depression of the 1930s. There were six brothers involved in the early days of the project.

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Stick in the mud (1985) by Ellice Mol

5 January 2018

Merrick discovered a local version of the wattle and daub method of construction and decided to build his the technique to build his own house. With the help of his friends, he edited his notes about the project and illustrated them in this book.

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Scored moments by Ellice Mol

10 November 2017

"The exhibition was a collaboration between myself, Anne Ferguson – a sculptor, and Alan Holley – a composer, which explores the relationship between music, nature and the landscape."

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