Tree Portraits (2019)

Exhibition details

This exhibition consists of drawings executed in The Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney in April & May 2018 and includes assemblages from earlier work which show my fascination with the tree.

I endeavour to catch the spirit of the tree on the day. If I came on another day in changed circumstances, even with the same tree the result would be different. Although the character of each tree is altered by leaf and branch design this is not my central interest.

The physical and sculptural aspect out of the soil, reaching to the light and imagining the roots which apparently mirror the shape of the tree under the ground is my central interest.

I was born in Bathurst surrounded by rolling hills and my father was part of Fry Bros. Orchards.

Most of my work is inspired by landscape. Because The Royal Botanic Gardens have such a variety of trees from around the world, I visit regularly walking and observing.

I took many students to the gardens to observe and draw from nature.