Recent work (2012)

Exhibition details

The ideas for these works started with a stone tower that I saw in Wicklow, Ireland. The site is supposed to be one of of the earliest Christian Universities that was sacked by Vikings in the 8th Century. On other travels in the south of Spain I was impressed with the way Muslins used the tower in a more mysterious way than the Christian Steeple. One realises then that most cultures have used the Tower in there own way to look up towards whatever god they worshiped or to mark an important spot. Steeples - totem poles - obelisks and the best of all a home where you can see in all directions for pleasure or an advancing enemy. My constant fascination with the Still Life and transparent materials continues. Everyday kitchen objects which are never still and pieces of fruit that contain the beginning of life. The drawings where commenced on location at Chinese Market Gardens near Sydney Airport. With some of these I have placed imaginary towers simply with the idea that it would be exciting to have more interesting architectural structures in the landscape.

Merrick, 2018